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OnlineVideo Consumer
The video tool used in a context of consumption, purchase, usage, mobility… to come as close as possible to consumer reality, create portraits of the target, test products, explore retail or living spaces…


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Accompanying, observing, questioning the shopper on his purchase paths in order to understand the “last three feet” and identify the levers and barriers to purchase.


OnlineConsumer Reporter
Consumer self-reports (photo, video, text) with monitoring via the new technologies (blog, bulletin board, hotline, telephone) and the social networks (facebook, instagram, twitter, starmatic…).

Total immersion in the environment under investigation (store, hospital, transport), for an in-depth understanding of clients, the client relationship, problems with the offering, equipment, retail space…

One of Co-meet’s trademarks is the capacity to investigate various line of business and offer ad hoc marketing approach to their clients. Thanks to an empathic stance, Co-meet successfully developed a trusting customer relationship. Our ad hoc marketing thinking answer each issues in an appropriate way up to post-study support : from collecting datas to delivrables mixing different forms (text, sound, video…) to creativity workshop sessions : from innovation marketing to product testing to marketing consultancy