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Our approach is a collaborative one, not mendatory obviously but one that has proven successful. It’s a winning step for businesses, without extra costs. It’s also a commitment for Co-meet, to be a real source of knowledge and value to your business or your brand.

Our approach consist of both rationalizing what exists to provide a sound material framework to the project, and collaborate with marketing teams or others for more efficency. It can occure upstream, as well as during and after fields of investigation.


Prior to the start of projects, « desk research » helps rationalizing, synthesizing and refocusing the study project. Concretely, it’s about taking into account already existing stydies, sometimes unread or forgoten when they could be carrying ideas, insights and already answer part of the questions. Through this upstream approach, we can further more specify the project as to not investigate fields already known and dive right into the topic.

During field work, the participation of the team in charge of the project can be the ideal way to engage in direct dialogue with consumers and clients, feed on observations, meetings and exchanges. The participation isn’t simply to attend to a focus group, it’s about getting involved in store or home visits, interact with customers, co-facilitate to immerse oneself and be as close as possible to the outcomes.

After the results and analysis, we can also stand by you during the results ownership process, being the customers voice, through redraft session (for internal documents, shorter and more succinct, presentations…), meetings and seminars…


Business and brands have everything to win by using the hindsight of women and men from studies to leap forward. Co-meet seeks to be an ally to businesses and brands, a real partner to set a new, more efficent, relashionship, capable of anwering the needs in availability, support, engagement.

One of Co-meet’s trademarks is the capacity to investigate various line of business and offer ad hoc marketing approach to their clients. Thanks to an empathic stance, Co-meet successfully developed a trusting customer relationship. Our ad hoc marketing thinking answer each issues in an appropriate way up to post-study support : from collecting datas to delivrables mixing different forms (text, sound, video…) to creativity workshop sessions : from innovation marketing to product testing to marketing consultancy