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Co-meet is a market research and consultancy firm created in 2007, extending the frontiers of Market Research to Consumer Connect, with the goal of accompanying brands through creation processes and the solutions they set up for measuring and understanding consumers.

We are witnessing the convergence of two factors today: companies saturated with information about their markets, and consumers who are increasingly disloyal, actively involved in their own consumption, and who are complex to understand, to capture, to reach emotionally, to interest, and to maintain a lasting connection with.


Consumer Connect refers to that very connection between brands and consumers. The idea behind Consumer Connect is, firstly, to keep as close as possible to your consumers, and, secondly, to be increasingly connected, to anticipate, understand, create, innovate and meet their expectations optimally…

Our methods involve both “on-the-spot questioning” (immersion, ethnographic interviews, videos…) and “remote” questioning using digital and other new technologies. Consumer Connect means utilising all available resources (human, methodological, technological) to meet the consumer, interact with his environment, his lifestyles, and his purchasing and consumption habits.

One of Co-meet’s trademarks is the capacity to investigate various line of business and offer ad hoc marketing approach to their clients. Thanks to an empathic stance, Co-meet successfully developed a trusting customer relationship. Our ad hoc marketing thinking answer each issues in an appropriate way up to post-study support : from collecting datas to delivrables mixing different forms (text, sound, video…) to creativity workshop sessions : from innovation marketing to product testing to marketing consultancy