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Focus Groupe

Consumer meetings, from trios to groups of 10, consumers, experts or rare targets.

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In-Home Groupe

Meetings organised at the home of one of the participants, co-moderated to get right to the core of usages and attitudes and come as close as possible to consumer reality.

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In-home, in-store, phone, on-site, or room interviews…
Interviews with consumers, experts, associates, opinion leaders…

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In Store Investigation

A qualitative, in-depth investigation of retail spaces (or living spaces more generally) in two complementary phases (through immersion
and in a room).

portraits of people


Creative logbook designed and filled in by consumers, which helps get beyond verbal expression to enrich classic qualitative fieldwork.

One of Co-meet’s trademarks is the capacity to investigate various line of business and offer ad hoc marketing approach to their clients. Thanks to an empathic stance, Co-meet successfully developed a trusting customer relationship. Our ad hoc marketing thinking answer each issues in an appropriate way up to post-study support : from collecting datas to delivrables mixing different forms (text, sound, video…) to creativity workshop sessions : from innovation marketing to product testing to marketing consultancy